Client Context

A manufacturer and distributor of dental surgical devices sought extensive information on dental surgery practices in Germany and France to assess a potential M&A opportunity. Specifically, they were interested in understanding the awareness levels of oral surgeons regarding hard and soft tissue dental surgical devices.

Our Approach

We executed the study in two key phases:

Phase 1: We identified an extensive list of dentists and dental surgeons in Germany and France, categorizing them into defined persona groups provided by our client. Utilizing secondary research, we established key intelligence objectives to maximize insights from primary research interviews.

Phase 2: Through primary research, we verified various hypotheses, including the comparative understanding and buyer objectives for hard and soft tissue dental products, the perception of soft tissue lasers as productivity tools, the perception of hard tissue lasers as tools for practice expansion and new procedures, price sensitivity in both markets and brand recognition for Company A's product.


Our primary research interviews confirmed some of our client's existing hypotheses while revealing new customer perceptions in the target markets. This market research equipped our client with informed decisions regarding their M&A strategy, guiding their marketing strategy and product development initiatives, positioning our client for success in the dental surgical devices market in Germany and France.


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