Client Context

Our client, a major contact lens manufacturer and a prominent player in the eyewear industry, was keenly aware of the fierce competition prevailing in the Korean contact lens market. As part of their ongoing efforts to strengthen their market position and devise effective growth strategies, they recognized the paramount importance of obtaining comprehensive market intelligence on their primary competitor operating in the same space.

Our Approach

To provide a comprehensive competitor profile, we employed a combination of primary and secondary research. Analyzing data on our client's competitor's finances and operations in the Korean contact lens market, we focused on several key parameters, including the competitor's marketed product segments, export regions, financial overview, and growth strategy.


Our exhaustive research on our client's largest competitor yielded invaluable insights into their product and market positioning, along with their future plans. Armed with this data-driven competitive analysis, our client could develop a strategic approach to ensure top-line growth in the dynamic and high-growth Korean contact lens market. The market intelligence provided them with a competitive edge, enabling them to make informed decisions and fine-tune their strategies to stay ahead in this competitive landscape.


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