Data-backed strategic direction, enabling innovation and success in global markets

Key Issues

  • Supporting international market entry and expansion
  • Leveraging emerging technologies, including electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and connected cars, to stay ahead of the competition
  • Understanding customer preferences, needs, and behaviors in the automotive industry worldwide
  • Innovating in the dynamic automotive industry and adapting to rapid technological advancements and changing trends

Automotive Systems and Components

Empowering automotive companies with invaluable market intelligence, enabling them to make strategic decisions and drive innovations in their systems and components

  • Driving Control Systems
  • Braking Systems
  • Powertrain Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Sensors and Electronics
  • In-vehicle Infotainment
  • Connected Car Technology
  • Aftermarket Parts

Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipment

Equipping automotive companies with crucial external insights, specifically tailored for the commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, and construction equipment sectors

  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV)
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV)
  • Buses and Coaches
  • Reach, Order Picking, Stacker, Pallet Trucks, and Forklifts
  • Excavation and Demolition Equipment
  • Other Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Construction Robots

Automotive Technology Insights and Case Studies

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Autonomous Vehicles

Revolutionizing the way automotive companies perceive expansion in the autonomous vehicle industry with game-changing external insights

  • Automated Systems and Components
  • Lidar, Radar, and Image Sensors
  • Analytics Tools and Platforms
  • Communication and GPS Systems
  • Self-driving Software

Battery Technology

Empowering automotive companies with a comprehensive understanding of battery technology trends, covering solid-state batteries, EDLCs, and more

  • Solid State Batteries
  • Next Generation Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Batteries
  • Supercapacitors / EDLCs
  • Charging Technology Infrastructure, Management, and Vehicle to Grid (V2G)
  • Energy Storage Materials

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