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On-Request Partnership for Customized Market Intelligence

Access to customized primary and secondary research that is reliable, quick, convenient, global, and in unlimited amount for a fixed annual fee. An On-Request Partnership provides the ultimate convenience in to busy decision-support professionals in Market Research, Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence, and Strategy functions.

Three tiers of service are available with varying research sources and methods, ranging from mostly secondary research to full primary research. Emerging Strategy is the unique international provider to offer this solution.

International Growth Readiness Assessment

It is critical to have the strategic intelligence assets that support informed decision-making about international growth. Emerging Strategy's International Growth Readiness Assessment is a specialized solution designed to assess the readiness of companies' strategic intelligence assets and the processes and SOPs to refresh assets and fill gaps. Clients receive a thorough assessment of where they stand, and recommended next steps.

Strategic Sales Intelligence Suite

Emerging Strategy offers a suite of Strategic Sales Intelligence solutions that directly support the top-line growth objectives of business unit and product leaders, and their sales organizations.

Opportunity Analysis

Prioritize your resources on the best targets. We identify and segment market opportunities based on your custom criteria.

Prospect Profiles and Briefs

Engage effectively with organizations and specific decision-makers for big-ticket deals. We prepare in-depth intelligence on prospective customers to prepare your team for commercial discussions.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Stay in the loop on key developments regarding your competitors, customers, and target markets, and the "so what" implications for your organization. We provide regular updates that are fully customized to your needs.

Sales Battlecards

Differentiate yourself to prospective customers and handle objections with ease. We populate sales battlecards with key intelligence on competitor products, services and solutions, including B2B pricing.

Win-Loss Analysis

Improve your deal win-rate by systematically learning from wins and losses. We run comprehensive win-loss programs including designing and running surveys and interviews, creating dashboards, and providing key implications. This can be periodic or ongoing.

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