Our Featured Solution is an 'On-Request Partnership' for Customized Market Intelligence

You gain full access to all the ad hoc projects and programmatic intelligence you need to support your internal stakeholders.

We execute your projects using primary research, desktop research, and cutting edge technology including machine learning, for a fixed annual fee.

This solution will address your ad hoc project needs and programmatic intelligence needs




Growth Strategy

Ad Hoc
Market Intelligence Projects

Market intelligence / research on a specific topic or a set of topics relevant to your business needs. This can include B2B Market Analysis, Competitive Intelligence and B2B Customer Insight. Projects are typically completed in 3-4 weeks.


The On-Request Partnership is ideal for smaller / mid-sized projects, or larger projects that can be broken into smaller phases. 

Ad Hoc
Rapid Response

Quick requests that you need turned around in <1 week, such as a news development that you want more information on, a question from management that you need help answering, or any other quick ad hoc need.

The On-Request Partnership is ideal to get a quick piece of intel when you need it.

Programmatic Competitor Tracking & Market Monitoring

Recurring intelligence updates on specific competitors, customers, and market developments, delivered at the level of frequency that you need.

The On-Request Partnership is ideal for setting up regular updates on important external developments.

You may send us any number of specific requests and projects and we'll get them done, in sequence


A variety of project types are possible within an On-Request Partnership, including ad hoc 'rapid response' requests for quick turnaround support, ad hoc market intelligence projects, and programmatic competitor tracking and market monitoring


Get started on new projects immediately

An On-Request partnership with Emerging Strategy enables clients to save 28 days or more of unproductive time and hassle to initiate each and every new market intelligence or research project


Develop RFP

Send RFP to 1-3 Consulting / Research firms

Review Proposal(s)
and Negotiate

Obtain Purchase Approval

Contract and Purchase Order

Process Initial Payment

Wait for Vendor
to Kick-Off project

Outline and send us your request / project

We'll clarify or confirm your request and get started

We'll get started right away, usually next business day

Slash the usual cycle time to initiate new projects from 6 weeks to virtually zero
No need to seek budget or spending approval each time external support is needed



Budget a single, affordable, annual line item and don't worry about individual project expenses

An On-Request Partnership with Emerging Strategy enables clients to save up to $300,000 per year on market intelligence and research expenses

You'll spend between $200,000 to $500,000 on consultants and research firms over a 12 month period to get the same amount of work done

Your expense depends on the Tier of Service you need, and you could save up to $300,000 per year

Customer Case Study

All-Purpose Research Support for a Small Internal MI/CI Function supporting Corporate, and Multiple Business Units

The Client

Senior Program Manager of CI at a U.S. company with >$700 million in annual revenue



The partnership with Emerging Strategy has been invaluable to this small internal research function: raising its profile within the company as a true Center of Excellence, and fostering a culture of informed decision making across the company. Together, we have uncovered timely market intelligence, new opportunities, and identified potential challenges across several segments and geographies.


"You have gone above and beyond in producing quality work. Historically we've played in more comfortable spaces - as we look at research to inform new product development and expansion opportunities, you are our go-to vendor."

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Customer Case Study

Strategic Market Opportunity Identification Partner for an Executive with P&L Responsibility

The Client

The VP of Global Markets at a U.S. company with >$1.4 billion in annual revenue


Like many companies, this company had historically taken an opportunistic approach towards new markets. With a new CEO and the company's board seeking business expansion, the client is using the On-Request Partnership with Emerging Strategy to systematically identify, vet, and prioritize markets and market segments one by one, to focus the company's investments on areas of best fit and highest potential.


"Look, I have no difficulty giving hard news to consulting firms. But you guys: the work you do, the scope of the work, timeliness, and the quality of delivery - I can't say enough. If I had a colleague who asked for a firm, I would recommend you."

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On-Request Partnership Plans Available


You will receive reliable, quick, cost-effective and well-packaged market intelligence based on the research sources and methods available within the scope of our partnership



Reliable customized market intelligence based on a combination of desktop research and limited primary research


Robust research capabilities including access to prospective customers, online panels, and expert networks


Everything plus support for technical subject matter and
heavy-duty competitive
primary research

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