Emerging Strategy was founded in 2006 and has maintained offices in Washington DC, Shanghai, Singapore, and Mexico City, but today operates as a fully remote global organization with full-time team members in about 10 countries and additional resources worldwide. We employ experts in business research and analysis, specialists, subject matter experts, and account professionals.

We hire for full-time roles, contract positions, and internships in the United States, Latin America, Europe, South Africa, South Asia, and China.

If you don't see a current opening that is a great fit, but you would like to be on our radar, please drop us a note to say hello.

Purpose and Core Values

The purpose of Emerging Strategy is to strengthen international connection by providing clarity to organizations that conduct business globally. This is why we are in business. It is the reason we enjoy what we do, and why we provide our services, solutions and products.

Our values, the ES-3, define our company’s culture and provide a quick reference guide for decision-making by every individual within the firm.

The ES-3Depth: we value the willingness and ability to dig deep and solve difficult problems.Clarity: we value clear and candid communication.Winning: we value success as individuals, as teams, and as a firm, and we celebrate each others' success.

Who We Look For

​Competition for a position at Emerging Strategy can be intense, with hundreds or thousands of applications for a single opening.

We look for intelligence, high level logical thinking skills, fluency in English (and typically additional major languages), a deep interest in global business, experience of having studied or worked outside one's native country, and relevant internships and/or full-time work experience.

For experienced and senior roles the relevance of past full-time experience and demonstrated success is critically important.

What We Offer

You will take on great responsibility at an early stage of your career and in doing so you will gain a solid introduction to business not only through your involvement in strategic intelligence and consulting engagements for clients, but also through your involvement and contribution to an entrepreneurial organization.

The skills you develop at Emerging Strategy will be useful throughout your career, wherever that may take you.

Team members at all levels have the opportunity to work directly with senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies, smaller high-growth companies, investors, and other organizations conducting business globally. You will also have an opportunity to work with great team members at Emerging Strategy.

We operate a lean internal staffing model of intelligent, hard-working and efficient professionals who execute and oversee client engagements projects across multiple countries. This structure allows us to deliver exceptional value and impact to our clients.

Career Progression

Most new team members join us within the Delivery Function or Commercial Function. It is possible to transition from the Delivery Function to the Commercial Function and vice versa. The majority of our team members reside within the Delivery Function.

Delivery FunctionEarly Career:*Junior Research Analyst (0-1 yr^)*Research Analyst (1-3 yrs^)Senior Research AnalystExperienced:*Consultant (3-5 yrs^)Senior ConsultantSenior:*Associate Director (5-7 yrs^)DirectorVice President* entry-points into the firm^ years of relevant full-time work experience coming into the role

Hiring Process

We have a rigorous hiring process. Major steps for short-listed candidates may include:

  • One-way video interview. This is an opportunity to share the relevance of your experience and your views on the role.
  • 1:1 interviews and panel interviews with current Emerging Strategy team members. Successful candidates demonstrate alignment with our Purpose and Core Values, and a strong fit with our international and dynamic team culture.
  • Homework assignment. This requires 4-8 hours of work, and candidates are typically given a week to complete this. Successful candidates demonstrate strong research and writing skills as well as the ability to produce client-ready work.
  • Presentation of homework assignment. This takes place as a mock client-facing exercise. There may be multiple Emerging Strategy team members present. Successful candidates demonstrate strong presentation skills, the ability to think on their feet, and poise and maturity in challenging situations.
  • Reference checks. Depending on the seniority of the role, we may need to speak with 2-5 professional references. Reference checks are not only due diligence, but also provide excellent perspective to us around key strengths as well as potential development and support needs.

For successful candidates that make it all the way through, the entire process may span ~4 weeks.

After Emerging Strategy

A majority of managers at Emerging Strategy started at the entry-level, which demonstrates that upward mobility within the firm is very accessible.

Whether you choose to remain at Emerging Strategy for an extended period or pursue opportunities elsewhere, your time here will provide you with an excellent foundation for future success.

You'll leave Emerging Strategy with a wealth of hands-on experience and with a marketable skill set around research, analysis, strategy, business development, client management, and international business.

We love to see our alumni thrive! Some go to 'the client side,' while others join management consulting practices, the diplomatic service, or pursue an entrepreneurial track, among other career choices. We also have a number of current team members who are on their second or third stint at Emerging Strategy, having worked at other firms in between.

Alumni keep in touch via our LinkedIn Emerging Strategy Alumni group.