Our Autonomous Vehicles experience and capabilities span:

  • Automated Systems and Components
  • Lidar, Radar, and Image Sensors
  • Analytics Tools and Platforms
  • Communication and GPS Systems
  • Self-driving Software

We work for and study leading global Autonomous Vehicle players as well as smaller high growth companies that supply technology, products, and services into this space

Supportive global regulatory landscapes, rising governmental funding, investment in technical infrastructure, and changing customer preferences power growth and innovation in the autonomous vehicles (AV) or self-driving car space

Our clients are looking for very specific market intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the high growth Autonomous Vehicles space. Some examples of recent AV intelligence topics include:

What innovative pricing models, such as subscriptions or revenue sharing, are competitors forging with automotive OEMs in the AV sensors space? How successful have these models been?
What is the market size for V2X communication systems in Europe, the US, and in China?
Who are the major and emerging players globally for lidar, radar and image sensors? How market ready are their products based on recent road tests?

Case Study: Market Map and Company Profiles for AV Sensor Players

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