Client Context

A major player in the autonomous vehicles (AV) sector needed to present crucial insights to internal stakeholders within a tight three-day deadline. They engaged our strategic intelligence firm to conduct an in-depth mapping of key lidar, radar, and image sensor manufacturers across diverse markets. The primary objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of these sensors and identify the top three emerging players in each category.

Our Approach

To address this challenge, we employed a two-pronged strategy. Leveraging both public and proprietary secondary sources like technology blogs, news reports, databases, and company data, we meticulously charted the AV sensor landscape. Additionally, we tapped into our extensive network of automotive technology experts to gather comprehensive information.


Despite the time constraints, our team successfully delivered a meticulously researched report on AV sensors, impressing our client. Our well-crafted company profiles, featuring product details, sensor efficacy ratings based on our in-house matrix, target customer segments, financial overviews, geographic presence, partnerships, and distribution strategies, added valuable depth to their analysis. Our client expressed gratitude for the decision support, enabling them to make informed strategic choices and present a compelling case to their stakeholders.


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