Client Context

A global electronics conglomerate approached us with a pressing need for competitive intelligence on one of its Korean rivals in the rapidly expanding lithium-ion batteries (LIB) market. Given the intense competition from diverse geographies and industry verticals, our client sought deeper insights into their competitor's product specifications, operational approaches, and sales and marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Our Approach

We designed a two-phase study to address our client's requirements effectively:

Phase 1: Leveraging both public and proprietary secondary sources, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the competitor, emphasizing aspects of their products and operations relevant to our client's interests.

Phase 2: To enrich our findings, we engaged in consultations with current and recent employees of the competitor. This approach allowed us to acquire valuable insights into critical areas such as supplier relationships, distribution tactics, and pricing strategies.


By skillfully triangulating primary and secondary research findings with our expertise in the LIB market, we provided our client with unparalleled visibility into the more elusive and sensitive aspects of their competitor's business operations. Armed with our actionable insights, our client gained a holistic and granular understanding of their rival's LIB operations.

Our client strategically utilized our tactical insights in internal discussions with decision-makers, successfully crafting a well-informed roadmap for their LIB strategy in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.


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