Client Context

A leading producer of electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) sought market insights for expanding into China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and India. We conducted competitor analysis, customer interviews, and comprehensive market research to inform their market entry strategy.

Our Approach

Our study comprised two distinct phases:
Phase 1: Extensive secondary research across Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and India was conducted to determine market size, growth forecasts, influential drivers, and technological changes that could impact customer decisions or render existing technologies obsolete. Furthermore, we created competitor profiles of leading EDLC manufacturers in each market.

Phase 2: To enhance our findings, we conducted customer interviews, mapping the needs and demands of potential buyers. By successfully completing both research phases, we synthesized the collected data into actionable recommendations to inform our client's market entry strategy.


Our rigorous evidence-based market intelligence furnished our client with a comprehensive overview of the EDLC market in their target regions. The insights included market size, growth forecasts, customer segmentation, and crucial technology and standards metrics. Armed with our recommendations, our client identified customer segments that their existing products could cater to.


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