Client Context

As one of the largest global agrochemical companies, our client contemplated investing in agrochemical operations in South Asia, specifically in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Acknowledging the business and political risks prevalent in this region, they sought a comprehensive understanding of the market, relying on conversations with key decision-makers and influencers in the private and public sectors.

Our Approach

Our research encompassed two key phases:

Phase 1: Our work plan focused on developing a deep understanding of the addressable market size, business and political trends impacting the agricultural and agrochemical sector in both countries. We analyzed the distribution networks of other agrochemical companies active in the region and assessed production capacity, including local and international competitors, both private and government-owned.

Phase 2: We identified key business influencers and conducted over 50 high-level interviews with relevant interlocutors in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our industry specialists engaged with key executives at major agrochemical companies, distributors, transportation and logistics companies, and trading companies.


Our data-driven competitive intelligence provided valuable trends in the agrochemicals market, including robust modeling for both SAM and TAM. Utilizing our analysis as a decision support tool, our client determined their investment level in the agrochemicals sector in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They crafted an effective go-to-market strategy and distribution plan based on our insights, enabling them to tackle unique business challenges in South Asia successfully.


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