Client Context

A global leader in process chemicals sought a better understanding of the Asia Pacific market for their water treatment products to identify promising opportunities. They tasked us with conducting competitive benchmarking and customer needs analysis across five key verticals: Extraction and Mining, Refining, Chemical, Municipal, and Food and Beverage.

Our Approach

Customer Analysis: We conducted over 100 detailed interviews with customers, including procurement managers, business leaders, technical engineers, R&D managers, and quality control inspectors. These interviews provided insights into existing use, projected needs, feedback on existing suppliers, and opinions about alternate suppliers for water treatment products. We also explored customers' purchasing criteria, unmet needs, and service gaps. Additionally, we gathered their views on quality, efficacy, evolving technologies, and desired product innovations.

Competitor Analysis: Focusing on high-priority competitors in each vertical, we combined desktop research and expert interviews to understand their activities, strategies, and perspectives on the market.


Our evidence-driven market intelligence delivered a comprehensive overview of competitors' manufacturing sites and capabilities in Asia. Furthermore, it allowed the client to identify opportunities for enhancing their own operations. Armed with these invaluable insights, our client could strategically position themselves in the Asia Pacific market.


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