Client Context

Our client, a producer of high-end implantable transvenous cardioverter defibrillators (T-ICD), sought to evaluate the current and future potential for success, as well as the appropriate level of resources required to direct towards entering and expanding their operations in Brazil’s medical device market, known for its unique challenges and opportunities.

Our Approach

We initiated the study with an analysis of current industry conditions, including market size, stability, and the strategies employed by existing players in the market. Subsequently, we delved into an in-depth study of various factors in Brazil, such as access to healthcare, urban-rural disparity, and insurance reimbursement systems. We also considered evolving concerns, like changes in government policies and the emergence of domestic competitors.


Our comprehensive market research of Brazil's T-ICD space provided our client with crucial insights to make informed decisions. They could determine whether expanding their product offering into Brazil aligned with their overall growth objectives and ROI expectations. This strategic knowledge empowered them to assess the potential success in Brazil's medical device market, enabling them to navigate market complexities and optimize their business expansion plans accordingly.


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