Client Context

A prominent medical device manufacturer sought to fine-tune their business strategy for their mammography machine product line in the vast and dynamic market of China. They were particularly keen to gain a comprehensive understanding of the optimal pricing strategy and evaluate the potential interest of shortlisted distributors in collaborating with them.

Our Approach

In response to our client's specific requirements, we devised a multifaceted approach combining primary and secondary research methodologies. To shed light on the pricing landscape and partnership potential, we conducted detailed telephone interviews with key decision-makers and influencers within the Chinese medical device market.

Leveraging the insights gathered, we embarked on a thorough evaluation of retail and distributor pricing, allowing our client to gain a clear picture of the competitive pricing landscape in China. We further assessed the sales performance of four leading mammography machine manufacturers operating in the country. This meticulous benchmarking process included an analysis of pricing strategies, product positioning tactics, and product quality trends among the identified competitors.


Our actionable insights equipped the client to optimize pricing and product positioning, facilitating top-line growth. They identified interested distributors, streamlining market entry and expansion. With comprehensive market intelligence, they strengthened their position in China's competitive medical device industry.


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