Client Context

A national healthcare qualifying assessments provider faced declining market share in the US due to rising competition from private credentialing companies. In response, our client sought to comprehend their competitors' offerings to explore options for enhancing their licensing examination features.

Our Approach

We structured the study into two vital phases:

Phase 1: We conducted a comprehensive market overview, examining the healthcare licensing, credentialing, and certification sector. Our analysis encompassed market size, key players, their market share, and growth trends.

Phase 2: We delved deeper into 10 competitors through primary research, developing detailed profiles for each company. Key questions addressed were:

  • Assessment of product and service offerings, features, and delivery methods
  • Innovations in assessment design and administration, emphasizing differentiation
  • Customer acquisition strategy, deal structure, and marketing messaging
  • Major client accounts, with a focus on health services
  • Pricing and revenue models, including cost drivers and flexibility


Our actionable insights and competitor benchmarking provided our client with a profound understanding of adapting to evolving credentialing, licensing, and testing challenges. This research guided their internal discussions on R&D and future strategies, including new digital features for healthcare licensing assessments and ROI expectations. Our study empowered them to maintain a competitive edge and regain market share.


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