Client Context

A leading global workforce training provider known for developing, administering, and scoring electronic assessments sought to sustain its position and foster growth. To achieve this, they aimed to explore sizable adjacent markets beyond their traditional focus and identify new global opportunities.

Our Approach

To address this objective comprehensively, we conducted a global overview of in-demand skills and assessments, leveraging insights from third-party recruitment firms and analyzing regional market differences and recruitment segments. Based on this information, we identified five countries with the most significant market potential for our client's corporate hiring and training tools.

In each selected country, we meticulously analyzed various factors, including the market size and growth rate for positions filled by third-party recruitment agencies that required assessments. We also identified leading third-party recruitment companies within specific sectors like hospitality and tourism. Moreover, we scrutinized the methods employed for evaluating skills during hiring, promotion, and ongoing training of candidates.


Our evidence-based insights empowered our client to uncover high-potential opportunities in both established and emerging workforce recruitment and training segments across new geographical regions. Equipped with this invaluable knowledge, our client confidently pursued strategic expansion, capitalizing on untapped markets and securing their position as a global workforce training leader.


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