Client Context

A provider of learning management software (LMS) services contemplated expanding its product portfolio to include corporate digital training, specifically compliance training in healthcare and financial services. The client sought a thorough analysis of market trends and customer preferences to ascertain if this expansion aligned with their ROI expectations.

Our Approach

We undertook a comprehensive approach, combining primary and secondary sources to deliver a detailed report on the US market landscape for digital workforce training. Our analysis encompassed top-down market sizing for the US corporate training market, with a specific breakdown by segment, including compliance training by industry. We identified key sub-segments within healthcare and financial services where corporate training was most crucial. Additionally, we provided an overview of the competitive landscape for digital workforce training, highlighting major and emerging players in the target industries, and explored the laws and regulations that could impact our client's operations in the identified segments.


Our evidence-based reporting significantly enhanced our client's comprehension of market trends, growth drivers, and customer requirements within the US workforce digital training sector, with a focus on compliance training in healthcare and financial services. Our study played a pivotal role in guiding them towards a successful venture into the corporate digital training domain, ensuring alignment with their objectives and ROI expectations.


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