Client Context

A prominent higher education digital content publisher aimed to extend its global presence beyond its core US business. Seeking opportunities in lucrative international markets, they engaged Higher Education Market Intelligence for assistance. The client required a defined funnel to identify top countries of interest and a strategy for approaching distribution partners in each selected country.

Our Approach

To address this challenge effectively, we commenced with a top-down analysis of approximately 20 countries, carefully handpicking four nations—Japan, Germany, Thailand, and Spain—for in-depth exploration. These selections were based on critical criteria, including the higher education ICT infrastructure, the prevalence of educational technology content and tools, the market size for the client's product suite, and the ease of conducting business in each country.

Our focused country deep dives identified high-value resellers and partners, including cloud-based content developers, English Language Learning resellers, and technology suppliers. We provided clear pathways to approach these partners.


As a result of our comprehensive insights, our client successfully identified the most promising international markets for expanding its higher education digital content. The warm introductions to top resellers in each country expedited their time-to-market and enabled them to pursue a global expansion using an asset-light model. Through our strategic approach, our client made significant strides in extending its reach to opportunity-rich territories, bolstering their global presence and market influence.


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