Client Context

Our client, a leading education technology pioneer, sought to expand their learning management software (LMS) product suite by incorporating data and analytics offerings. To evaluate the opportunity, they needed a comprehensive understanding of the US market for higher education analytics tools, focusing on product segments and deployment methods across undergraduate and graduate institutions.

Our Approach

In a three-phase study, we assessed the US market's growth potential for higher education analytics tools. Analyzing key parameters, including SAM size, growth rates, and influential drivers, we focused on undergraduate and graduate institutions, university networks, and trade schools. Additionally, we conducted a bottom-up evaluation based on per-student spending and adoption rates and calculated the TAM size for each product segment, considering average market size and adoption rate growth.


Our data-driven insights provided our client with a comprehensive understanding of analytics market trends. The robust models for SAM and TAM facilitated informed internal discussions on future strategies. Equipped with a deeper comprehension of growth rates and drivers, our client made well-informed decisions regarding expanding their product offerings into the burgeoning higher education analytics market while ensuring alignment with their objectives and ROI expectations.


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