Client Context

In the dynamic Asian education market, our client, a prominent player, aimed to bolster their regional presence through strategic expansion. To achieve this, they required a comprehensive scan of schools that matched specific criteria for acquisition opportunities.

Our Approach

Taking on this challenge, we embarked on an extensive analysis of the competitive landscape and market attractiveness of high-end private international education across Asia. Macro trends influencing the demand for international education were scrutinized, and we delved into pivotal developments, including regulatory changes, with the potential to impact market dynamics.

To pinpoint the most fitting acquisition targets in Asian markets, we compiled a list of peer schools and aligned them with the client's parameters, encompassing ownership structure and offered curriculum. Through this benchmarking process, we curated a short list of high-potential prospects.


Our diligent efforts provided our client with invaluable insights to inform their expansion strategy. Armed with customized intelligence on high-potential private schools throughout Asia, our findings unlocked a wealth of opportunities for the client. Several promising targets were identified, paving the way for further research and potential acquisition.

By leveraging our analysis, our client gained a competitive advantage and set the stage for successful growth in the Asian education sector.


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