Client Context

Our client, a global education publisher, faced stagnated growth in one of their key Chinese market segments due to increasing competition and shifting customer preferences. This situation prompted them to reevaluate their go-to-market strategy and pursue new opportunities.

Our Approach

We initiated a comparative analysis of various market segments, delving into growth trends and examining the willingness of potential partners to collaborate with foreign vendors. Additionally, we scrutinized prevailing partnerships among competitors and customers to uncover valuable insights.

We crafted analytical frameworks and key hypotheses and proceeded with a detailed secondary research phase. We tested our assumptions by utilizing a combination of proprietary reports in English and Chinese and consulting with primary sources. Furthermore, we enriched our understanding of the education landscape in China through extensive interviews with stakeholders, including vendors, former employees, and industry thought leaders.


Our analysis of market and segment trends opened up new growth avenues for our client in both existing and emerging segments. The client refined their partnership strategy and optimized their distribution channels. The assessment of market sizes and competitive landscapes empowered the client to reposition their products effectively and reevaluate pricing strategies.


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