Client Context

A leading provider of healthcare information technology faced challenges in effectively deploying its population health management product business model across key customer segments (employers, government agencies, providers, and payers). Amidst the changing healthcare landscape and increased competition, the company sought answers to crucial questions regarding the right business model, resource allocation, segment prioritization, and conflict management.


Our comprehensive study spanned four phases. We began by mapping healthcare IT customer and solution landscapes, understanding solution mixes subscribed to in each segment, and analyzing the value chain. In the demand-side analysis, we tracked customer needs for key healthcare IT service components. The supply-side analysis involved mapping suppliers in each value chain layer to assess available solutions and coexistence. Finally, in the financial analysis, we modeled resource allocation for various scenarios based on evolving parameters.


Our evidence-based market intelligence provided a detailed overview of the population health management market within the core customer segments. The client gained insights on realigning their business model and customer segmentation, enabling them to better cater to evolving customer needs and enhance their competitive positioning. Our study empowered the client to make informed decisions and prioritize efforts to win more customers effectively.


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