Client Context

A prominent RPM device manufacturer approached us for strategic guidance in launching their cardiac care product in the Indian, Chinese, and Brazilian markets. They sought to overcome information gaps and position themselves for successful market entry.

Our Approach

We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Indian, Chinese, and Brazilian markets, focusing on the telecommunications network, patient dispersion, and RPM adoption landscape.

Through in-depth interviews with physicians and extensive market research, we gathered valuable insights. Our analysis narrowed down to cardiac care, with a specific emphasis on implanted devices.


Our findings revealed the technologies being used and tested in India, China, and Brazil, along with feedback from healthcare professionals and customers. Equipped with this knowledge, our client developed a robust market strategy based on data-driven insights.

By targeting regions with high disease incidence and engaging healthcare practitioners inclined to adopt RPM devices, they achieved a successful entry into the Indian, Chinese, and Brazilian cardiac care markets.

Our work empowered the client to make informed decisions, optimize their market position and gain a competitive edge in the growing RPM industry.


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