Client Context

Our global client, a provider of English language assessments (ELA), sought to assess market opportunities within corporate segments of the Brazilian assessment market. The client wished to identify opportunities in the most attractive ELA segments within Brazilian corporations.

Our Approach

The study comprised three key parts:

Part 1: We gathered competitor intelligence and test-taker volume data to identify major competitors, subsequently profiling them in detail.

Part 2: Conducting interviews with HR personnel in corporations, we gained valuable insights into potential market size and end-user preferences.

Part 3: Employing macro-level analysis, we explored various themes, including English usage in the country, English language training, government initiatives, corporate landscape, industry analysis, and regional factors.


Understanding the decision process regarding assessment adoption, our study enabled our client's marketing and product teams to determine investment priorities and chart the most favorable paths forward for expanding their assessment business in Brazil. By combining insights into competitors with comprehensive market intelligence, our study served as a vital tool in guiding our client's strategic decisions, empowering them to achieve growth and success in the Brazilian assessment market.


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