Client Context

Our client, a provider of high-end English language assessments (ELAs), aimed to explore market opportunities within corporate segments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Nigerian markets. The client sought insights on capturing market share and identifying opportunities for their ELA offering in these segments, specifically focusing on high-end ELAs.

Our Approach

To achieve our client's goals, we first identified the top 5 competitors in the high-end ELA market in both KSA and Nigeria. To gain a deeper understanding of the market, we estimated the volume of test takers for each competitor's ELA test in both countries, analyzing data to identify potential growth areas.

Our research was further enriched by conducting interviews with corporate HR personnel across 5 sectors in KSA and Nigeria. This allowed us to identify key opportunities and gaps for our client to leverage in the high-end ELA market.


Our rigorous research and analysis enabled us to identify lucrative business opportunities for our client's ELA offering. Based on our findings, we provided strategic recommendations, outlining priority market segments for the client to pursue in each country. Our research also provided valuable insights into the total third-party test market volume for each competitor in KSA and Nigeria, giving our client a competitive edge, and a deep understanding of consumer and company needs, perceptions, and preferences.


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