Client Context

A prominent Brazilian pulp and paper company sought to expand its global presence by investing in new markets. Under significant time pressure, the corporate strategy team crafted a preliminary road map to establish operations in Indonesia. To strengthen their pitch to the Company's board, they enlisted our help in creating a market research report on Indonesia's climate, economy, forests, labor market, regulatory landscape, FDI norms, and incentives for pulp and paper providers, providing essential context to their analysis.

Our Approach

We structured the study into two phases:

Phase 1: Utilizing proprietary desktop resources, we reported on key economic, environmental, regulatory, and legal indicators. Our focus encompassed Indonesia's climate, macroeconomic profile, investment-led growth model, current pulp and paper landscape, and FDI regulations and incentives for domestic and foreign players.

Phase 2: Collaborating with in-country analysts, we translated data and insights from Bahasa to English. Additionally, we conducted interviews with pulp and paper analysts and manufacturers to validate and enrich our data and narrative.


Our comprehensive market intelligence on Indonesia's economic, trade, environmental, regulatory, and legal landscape enabled our client to demonstrate the market's appeal for expanding their global footprint. The decision support we provided bolstered the corporate strategy team's presentation to the Company's board, facilitating informed discussions and strategic decisions for their investment in Indonesia.


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