Client Context

Our global client, a prominent manufacturer of flexible packaging used by leading companies in various industries, recently acquired a specialty film manufacturer in China. With aspirations to boost their market share in protective films across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, our client aimed to gain a profound understanding of the protective film market. They sought insights into market size, key players, and the value chain to guide their growth strategy.

Our Approach

Our approach involved a five-stage research process to develop a robust growth strategy for our client:

Phase 1: Gathering primary and secondary research data to establish a baseline
Phase 2: Cross-referencing multiple sources to validate the data
Phase 3: Applying a model to size market segments and overall market based on the established baseline assumptions
Phase 4: Conducting in-depth interviews with competitors, suppliers, and customers to identify needs and motivations
Phase 5: Synthesizing all the gathered data and interview insights to provide actionable recommendations for our client's protective film growth strategy, including analyzing industry conditions, market size, stability, market share, and existing players' strategies


Our data-driven recommendations empowered our client to make well-informed decisions regarding their expansion into various APAC countries, aligning with their growth objectives and ROI expectations. Additionally, our insights allowed them to map out a well-defined growth strategy for the Asia-Pacific region.


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