Client Context

A US-based legal services provider aimed to reduce operational costs and expand service offerings to clients in the US, Europe, and APAC. To achieve this, they sought to evaluate the competitive landscape and market attractiveness of potential acquisition targets in the legal process outsourcing (LPO) space in India or the Philippines. The goal was to rationalize costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Our Approach

The study was structured in two phases:

Phase 1: We provided a comprehensive overview of the LPO market in India and the Philippines, mapping both established and emerging players. This analysis included target segments, market share, and existing customers of LPO firms.

Phase 2: Conducting detailed service and sales strategy benchmarking, we focused on leading emerging to mid-tier players to understand their market position, service vision, and quality. Interviews with third-party experts, past and current employees, and customers of potential targets further enriched our analysis.


Our comprehensive market intelligence delivered insights into trends, growth drivers, and emerging players in the LPO markets of India and the Philippines. Armed with our decision support, our client could make informed choices regarding the acquisition of an LPO firm in either market, aligning with their overall cost rationalization and growth objectives.


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