Client Context

A major global manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks and aftermarket products expanded its presence in Asia, particularly in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They aimed to monitor Asian dealers' financial performance and track lower-cost equipment manufacturers' targeted product segments.

Our Approach

Leveraging public data and in-depth interviews, we established a baseline report on dealership changes, covering four key parameters:

  • Changes in management
  • The financial health of dealers with multiple lines of business
  • Product segments served by dealers
  • Product segments targeted by lower-cost equipment players

Quarterly updates over two years kept our client informed of developments in its Asian dealership network.


Our comprehensive market intelligence enabled our client to stay updated on its growing Asian dealer network and effectively compete against lower-cost equipment manufacturers. The periodic reporting empowered strategic realignment with market trends, fostering a solid partnership with dealers. Armed with a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and product segments, our client made data-driven decisions, seizing growth opportunities and addressing challenges promptly. Their adaptability and customer-centric approach solidified their position in the dynamic Asian market, achieving sustained success in heavy-duty trucks and aftermarket products.


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