Client Context

A major player in the North American media landscape sought to enhance content development, aggregation, and distribution across diverse media platforms, including TV, radio, websites, and mobile applications. To gain a competitive edge, our client sought a comprehensive understanding of the industry's best content management practices.

Our Approach

Phase 1: We devised in-house criteria to rank media competitors based on their current and aspirational platform integration levels. Through secondary research, we identified key drivers for successful platform integration and showcased real-world case studies illustrating content management strategies.

Phase 2: Utilizing primary research, we delved deep into each competitor's content management best practices and organizational structure to provide valuable insights.


Our data-driven competitive intelligence furnished our client with an in-depth overview of competitors' organizational structures and content management strategies, policies, and processes. Industry best practices highlighted in our analysis guided our client's internal deliberations to enhance content development, aggregation, and distribution across its diverse media platforms, leading to increased audience engagement and market positioning within the dynamic North American media landscape.


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