Client Context

Our client, a renowned provider of scientific equipment for life science and clinical diagnostic research, held a strong reputation among universities, research institutions, hospitals, and laboratories. They sought to understand the competitive landscape, market size, and trends in the US market for scientific equipment used in high school classrooms, universities, and vocational education institutions.

Our Approach

Conducting research in two comprehensive phases involving extensive secondary and primary research, we delved into the market size and share of leading scientific equipment competitors for education.

Phase 1: We evaluated the Total Available Market (TAM) and measured potential market size at a granular level, segmented by academic subjects.

Phase 2: We identified the Served Available Market (SAM) using competitor insights, pinpointing competitor volume, and market share within the same segments and sub-segments as Phase 1. Our reporting also featured client insight and spending trends.


Our actionable and data-driven competitive intelligence revealed trends in the scientific equipment for the education market, offering robust and triangulated modeling for both SAM and TAM, along with a deeper understanding of growth rates and drivers. Armed with our insights, our client effectively recalibrated their sales and marketing efforts, focusing on areas with strong growth potential and strategic opportunities.


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