Client Context

A global test prep company faced unique competitive threats in the American market and sought to safeguard its market share. They sought insights about their competition, including features, pricing, and use cases.

Our Approach

To address this objective comprehensively, we meticulously researched and analyzed US-specific parameters of emerging competitors. Key aspects included their company and product internet presence, corporate and organizational structure, partnerships, and accreditation for each product offered. Additionally, we examined app ratings and customer comments, delved into their marketing strategy and penetration, and assessed their business model and geographic scope.


Our competitive intelligence provided our client with a thorough understanding of how to navigate the landscape of major and emerging players in the US test prep space. This insight proved especially valuable, enabling our client to conduct a comprehensive opportunity/gap analysis. Armed with this knowledge, they delivered a compelling report to internal stakeholders, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and strategically respond to competitive threats. Our study played a crucial role in preserving and protecting our client's market share, fortifying their position in the competitive test prep market.


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