Client Context

Our client, a provider of soft skill training and certification focused on oral communication in the US, experienced stagnant growth for two quarters. Seeking a competitive edge, they aimed to comprehend competitor product features, growth trajectories, and customer acquisition strategies to enhance their position in the soft skill certification market.

Our Approach

The study was divided into two essential phases:

Phase 1: We conducted a thorough market overview and identified leading competitors using targeted keywords and filtering by revenue, headcount, product and service offerings, and client relationship metrics.

Phase 2: We extensively profiled five market leaders, benchmarking their products, services, and key operating metrics across various parameters. These included company size, headcount, product revenue trends, and customer acquisition strategies. We also analyzed their product and service offerings, mode of delivery, skills alignment, and partnerships with other credentialing, licensing, and certification bodies. Additionally, we explored their marketing and sales strategies, pricing structures, and competitive advantages.


Our evidence-based frameworks allowed our client to gain insights into their current position within the dynamic high-growth market. Armed with our invaluable findings, they provided well-informed decision support to their marketing and product teams, effectively improving their product positioning in the US market for oral communication certifications.


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