Client Context

Our US-based client, a provider of cloud-based digital curricula and assessments, sought systematic exploration of international opportunities. With limited international presence achieved through ad hoc partnerships, they aimed to identify target markets with a substantial number of potential customers, particularly medium-sized international schools, to optimize sales and marketing resources.

Our Approach

We structured our approach into three integral parts:

Part 1: Utilizing quantitative data from global sources, we meticulously compared and analyzed over 20 international markets based on economic, technological, and social indicators.

Part 2: Employing desktop research as a foundation, we accurately sized the market for nine selected international markets. This involved assessing the number of institutions and student enrollments that aligned with specific buyer criteria.

Part 3: To identify appropriate distribution partners for our client, we conducted primary interviews alongside extensive secondary research.


Our data-driven approach effectively pinpointed key international markets for our client's sales and marketing teams to focus on. By considering the market size for digital curricula and evaluating economic, technology, and social indicators, our client could efficiently allocate resources for maximum impact. Additionally, our road map for approaching local distribution partners equipped our client to hit the ground running on their international expansion plan. Armed with these actionable insights, our client was poised for successful global growth and increased market presence.


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