Client Context

Our client acquired a minority interest in a prominent chain of retail English Language Learning (ELL) institutes with a strong presence in China's Tier 1 cities. To explore the potential for expanding their shareholding in this business, they sought a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and growth prospects for store-front style ELT institutes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Our Approach

The study was structured into two phases. In Phase 1, we conducted an in-depth Market Overview of the English Language Learning market in China. This focused on market size, key players, growth trends, drivers, and market segmentation variables. Phase 2 involved a thorough Deep-Dive on Key Players, where we provided detailed profiles of three major ELL competitors in the market. Our analysis encompassed their products, programs, services, financial information, customer segments, pricing strategies, revenue growth, and go-to-market strategies.


Our data-driven insights illuminated market trends and offered valuable intelligence on leading ELL competitors' expansion strategies into lower-tier Chinese cities. Armed with this knowledge, our client made informed decisions during internal discussions on future strategy, including the potential expansion of their stake in the portfolio company. Our evidence-based recommendations aligned their objectives with market realities and ROI expectations for a successful course of action.


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