Client Context

Our client aimed to explore opportunities in Japan's higher education English Language Training (ELT) sector. They sought to understand the market size, landscape, and evolving customer needs to effectively enter this space.

Our Approach

The study was structured into three pivotal phases:

Market Sizing: We employed top-down and bottom-up analyses to determine the accurate addressable market for our client's English language training product.

Needs of Customers: To comprehend the requirements of key segments and subsegments in the Japanese higher education space, we conducted structured interviews with key stakeholders.

Product Benchmarking: Through a comprehensive comparison of key competitors' strategic marketing plans and product successes, we identified features for 'best in class' ELT products and marketing strategies.


Our market research provided actionable insights into crucial market segments and subsegments within Japan's higher education ELT space. We highlighted market trends and offered a deeper understanding of leading competitors' existing products and marketing strategies. Armed with these invaluable insights, our client tailored their ELT product to meet the specific needs of their higher education target segments. Moreover, they gained a competitive edge to effectively compete with existing English language training products and services available in the Japanese market. Our study paved the way for our client to make informed decisions, positioning them for success in Japan's thriving ELT sector.


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