Client Context

A leading global pharmaceutical company faced heightened competition from lower-cost biosimilar producers in Asia. They sought deeper competitive intelligence on biosimilar clinical activities in Korea, India, and China for their branded drugs in cancer and inflammation treatment.

Our Approach

The study unfolded in two crucial phases:

Phase 1: Through extensive desktop research and primary sources, we identified biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies engaged in confirmed and potential biosimilar clinical activity in the oncology and inflammation space.

Phase 2: Conducting detailed primary interviews, we established anticipated completion dates or the current stage of clinical studies for these biosimilars. We mapped trial designs and targeted markets pursued by the biosimilar producers, such as the US, Europe, and Latin America. Additionally, we assessed the extent to which regulators like the FDA or EMA guided trial design and patient segments.


Our actionable competitive intelligence delivered a comprehensive understanding of the development stages of biosimilars for our client's branded drugs, along with the targeted geographies. With this decision support in hand, our client was equipped to refine their marketing messaging and strategically position their products in key markets like the US, Europe, and Latin America.


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