Client Context

Our client eagerly awaited final FDA approval for their new specialized drug to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They sought a deeper understanding of the progress of a competitor's biosimilar drug's phase II and phase III clinical trials in Japan. Additionally, they aimed to identify any differences between the Japanese trials and global studies conducted by the competitor.

Our Approach

The study unfolded in two key phases:

Phase 1: Extensive desktop research allowed us to identify relevant interlocutors with direct knowledge of MS-related clinical trials. This included engaging with the Japanese MS Patient Association, journalists covering the pharmaceutical sector, equity analysts, and management at biopharmaceutical and biotechnology firms focused on biosimilar drugs.

Phase 2: We conducted detailed primary interviews to establish the efficacy of the competitor's biosimilar drug, comprehend how phase II and phase III clinical trials were progressing in Japan, and identify potential differences in trial design between the Japanese and global studies.


Our comprehensive market research delivered valuable insights to our client regarding their competitor's biosimilar clinical trials in Japan. Armed with this information, our client could provide targeted, informed support to internal stakeholders in their decision-making process. Additionally, the study allowed them to refocus discussions on R&D and future strategies to stay competitive in the MS treatment market.


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