Client Context

An American provider of modular micro data centers aimed to expand into markets with flourishing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that demanded energy-efficient and scalable plug-and-play containerized data center solutions. We conducted a data-driven approach to identify key international markets, with a focus on India and China, for our client's product.

Our Approach

We started with a global overview, analyzing regions with high demand for scalable containerized data centers based on SMEs and data centers in each country. India and China emerged as leading markets for our client's modular micro data centers. Subsequently, we conducted country deep dives in three phases.

Phase 1: We built a database of MSMEs by industry vertical, employees, and revenue using proprietary secondary sources, creating an ideal customer universe.

Phase 2: Detailed interviews with key stakeholders, including leaders in the plug-and-play containerized data center space, providing insights into market demand, spending, suppliers, decision processes, and trends.

Phase 3: Bottom-up analysis determined the addressable market size for our client's solutions in each country.


Our data-driven approach efficiently identified international markets where our client's product, sales, and marketing teams could focus on plug-and-play modular micro data centers. Armed with our decision support, our client reoriented internal discussions, refining their go-to-market strategies for India and China.


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