Client Context

A cloud storage provider sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of the global market for their cloud-based storage product. They engaged Emerging Strategy to conduct research and analysis on the cloud-based enterprise storage market in the Americas and specific APAC countries, including China, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

Our Approach

Our study was divided into four distinct phases:
Phase 1: An overview of the global cloud-based enterprise storage market size with a five-year growth forecast.
Phase 2: An overview of the market size and forecast breakdown by key regions.
Phase 3: Examination of main drivers and challenges influencing market growth and their impact on large and medium-sized enterprises.
Phase 4: An analysis of major players in the market and their respective market share.


Our actionable market intelligence provided an in-depth analysis of the cloud-based enterprise storage market, encompassing the past, present, and future prospects in the client's target regions. This comprehensive reporting enabled our client to identify potential opportunities in their target markets and make informed decisions regarding potential market entry strategies.


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