Client Context

A US-based mutual insurance company planned to establish a branch office in Switzerland for conducting business within the country. To ensure long-term profitability, they sought a strategic business plan for their Swiss office. Tasked with assessing Switzerland's commercial insurance market, they enlisted our expertise.

Our Approach

The study was conducted in two phases:
Phase 1: We employed secondary source research to determine top-down market size and growth forecasts for Switzerland's commercial insurance industry segmented by category.

Phase 2: Utilizing primary and secondary research, we conducted data-driven analysis of the competitive landscape. This involved evaluating competitor headcount, team structures, go-to-market strategies, existing clients, and product messaging.


Our actionable insights provided our client with a comprehensive overview of the market landscape for Switzerland’s commercial insurance industry, including obstacles, opportunities, and future growth. Our competitive intelligence offered a deeper understanding of their leading competitors' operations, market share, and product messaging. Leveraging our findings, our client developed a viable business plan for expansion into the Swiss commercial insurance space, positioning themselves for long-term success and profitability in the region.


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