Client Context

An international engineering and architecture project management firm headquartered in the United Kingdom sought to unlock its true potential in the Chinese market. Despite a decade of operations in Shanghai, limited brand recognition and overreliance on international customers hindered their growth. They enlisted our help to identify opportunities, focus their efforts, and develop a winning strategy for the Chinese market.

Our Approach

The study was divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Leveraging secondary source research, we developed a framework to analyze primary data. Proprietary desktop research enabled us to uncover future implications, opportunities, and obstacles in the Chinese project management space

Phase 2: Conducting extensive primary research, we engaged government officials, private sector investors, employees from competing project management firms, and target clients. Our research covered market size for engineering and architecture project management services by segment, sector, and location growth rates and drivers, and competitor analysis


Relying on our evidence-based reporting, our client diversified their engineering and architecture project management service offerings beyond international customers. Our actionable insights allowed them to focus on key customers within the Chinese project management market, unlocking their full potential in their target sectors and locations.


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