Client Context

Our client, an American automotive systems manufacturer, sought to enter the Indian market with their innovative start-stop system. However, concerns about product positioning and understanding the competitive landscape hindered their expansion plans.

Our Approach

We conducted a two-phase study to validate their market hypothesis and gather insightful intelligence.

In Phase 1, we analyzed historical and projected data on India's passenger car production volume from 2016 to 2022, calculating growth rates and assessing the addressable market for start-stop systems.

In Phase 2, we performed in-depth competitive analysis through primary research, identifying key players, evaluating product offerings, and analyzing market dominance, technical characteristics, supply chains, and pricing.


Armed with our competitive intelligence, our client reevaluated their product and pricing strategy, developing a more competitive offering tailored for the Indian market. We also identified a significant trend in start-stop systems for 2-wheelers, which led to a subsequent project. This involved a comprehensive analysis of current product offerings and market entry strategies for the 2-wheeler segment in India.

Our insights enabled the client to make informed decisions, adapt their approach, and successfully enter the Indian automotive market, positioning themselves for growth and success.


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