Client Context

Our global assessments company client aimed to accelerate growth in India by expanding the acceptance of their graduate assessment. Given the challenges posed by India's fragmented graduate assessment market and onerous regulations, international companies often struggle to gain traction. Our client sought a thorough evaluation of India's graduate assessment market landscape, including institutional usage and competitor product analysis, to identify market opportunities.

Our Approach

The study encompassed two key phases:

Phase 1: We employed desktop research and analysis to segment educational institutions based on funding type and their usage of graduate assessments.

Phase 2: Our skilled analysts conducted interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders, focusing on competitor product perception, pricing preferences, priorities for graduate admissions, and administrative processes and hurdles.


Leveraging our extensive primary research capabilities, we delivered a comprehensive understanding of existing graduate admissions practices in India to our client. This market intelligence allowed them to strategically position their product for success in the Indian market.

Moreover, our study highlighted the regulatory hurdles our client needed to overcome, providing valuable insights for navigating the challenging landscape. Our client received a clear roadmap for targeting sales efforts in priority areas, empowering them to expedite growth and establish a strong foothold in India's graduate assessment market.


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