Client Context

A leading transportation and safety solutions designer and manufacturer aimed to allocate R&D funds strategically by understanding cargo theft across multiple markets. They sought a comprehensive analysis of cargo thefts in North America, Europe, APAC, and globally to identify opportunities for their cargo security solutions.

Our Approach

We conducted a thorough analysis using primary and secondary research, offering comprehensive market intelligence on the type, location, and frequency of cargo thefts globally and regionally. Our research encompassed modalities in thefts, top stolen commodities, types of cargo thefts, median theft value, locations, and top countries for cargo theft. Additionally, we examined theft reporting processes, legal regulations, and geopolitical parameters.


Our actionable market research provided a comprehensive overview of current cargo theft statistics and a detailed analysis of future implications for the transport security industry. Our client leveraged our findings to align their product, operations, and marketing focus as they continued to develop cargo security solutions for regional markets. By proactively addressing emerging trends and vulnerabilities, they gained a competitive advantage and strengthened their position as a leader in the transportation and safety solutions market.


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