Client Context

A prominent American provider of HRM software aimed to venture into the Hong Kong payroll services market. As their experience primarily focused on the U.S. market, they sought more detailed information on competitors to devise the best strategy for market entry and expansion.

Our Approach

Conducting the study in two phases, we gathered comprehensive insights into the Hong Kong payroll services market.

Phase 1: Utilizing secondary source research, we conducted a thorough review of payroll companies in Hong Kong. We analyzed various business models, technology-based platforms, implementation processes, and pricing models employed by leading payroll service providers.

Phase 2: Complementing our secondary source analysis, we conducted interviews with third-party experts on payroll services, including industry analysts, regulators, channel partners, and customers. These primary interviews allowed us to triangulate our findings.


Our actionable competitive intelligence provided our client with a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape in Hong Kong's payroll services market. The decision support we provided informed our client's internal discussions on how to approach their expansion goals into the APAC region, starting with Hong Kong.


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