Client Context

A prominent American multinational financial services corporation aimed to expand operations in the Large Market Commercial Cards (LMCC) sector. To capitalize on this growth opportunity, they sought a deeper understanding of their main competitor's current market positioning.

Our Approach

The study was divided into two phases:
Phase 1: Utilizing proprietary desktop research, we delivered an overview of the LMCC market, highlighting key trends, growth rates, and drivers for high-growth market segments and product categories.

Phase 2: Employing primary source research, we focused on the client's largest global LMCC competitor, gathering a rich body of data on the market landscape. This included identifying performance advantages, performance gaps, and customer responses to recent innovations rolled out by both our client and their competitor.


Our actionable competitive intelligence offered specific insights into the main competitor's goals, assumptions, market positioning, and competitive advantage in the LMCC business. Our client utilized our reporting to identify, prioritize, and implement high-impact, market-driven strategies, ensuring success in the global LMCC market. Our client leveraged our reporting to identify, prioritize, and launch high-impact, market-driven strategies that would ensure success in the global LMCC market.


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