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Education is a global area of innovation and growth due to technology and the growth of the middle class in emerging markets, among other drivers. Expanding the access of high quality education related tools resonates strongly with our team, and led to the growth of the Education Practice as the single largest industry focus within the firm. Emerging Strategy works with For-Profit Education Companies, Non-Profit Organizations, and Education Institutions that deliver learning, products, technology, and services within the US and internationally to the K-12, Higher Education, and Workforce market segments. Our clients are senior executives who hold P&L responsibility, or provide strategy or research support to someone who does. 

What Our Customers Say

“Look, I have no difficulty giving hard news to consulting firms. But you guys: the work you do, the scope of the work, timeliness, and the quality of delivery – I can’t say enough. If I had a colleague who asked for a firm, I would recommend you” 

-- Vice President of Global Markets at a leading education publishing company

“Our On-Request Partnership with Emerging Strategy has exceeded all expectations. It is the single indispensable resource for our function"

-- Director of Competitive Intelligence at a global education assessments organization

“You have gone above and beyond in producing quality work. Historically we’ve played in more comfortable spaces – as we look at research to inform new product development and expansion opportunities, you are our go-to vendor.”

-- Senior Program Manager at a diversified education products and services company

Over the last 10+ years we have extensively
researched, analyzed and reported on a variety
of education market segments


  • English Language Assessments

  • Formative Assessments and Adaptive Technology

  • K-12 and Undergraduate Entrance Assessments

  • Graduate and Professional Entrance Assessments

  • High Stakes Summative Assessments

  • Hiring Selection Tests

PreK and K-12

  • PreK & K-12 Curriculum and Content

  • Private School Operators

  • Online K-12 Providers

  • Enrichment Programs

Workforce Training and Continuing Professional Education

  • Professional Training

  • Professional Certifications

  • Other Workforce Training

Higher Education

  • Non-Profit Higher Education Institutions

  • For-Profit Higher Education Institutions

  • OPMs and Online Higher Education Providers

  • Higher Education Curriculum and Content

Language Learning

  • English Language Learning (ELL) Curriculum and Content

  • Offline ELL

  • Online ELL


  • K-12 and Undergraduate Entrance Test Prep

  • Graduate and Professional Entrance and Certification Test Prep

  • English Language Ability Test Prep

Technology Platforms

  • Adaptive Learning

  • Data Analytics

  • Communication and Productivity Tools

  • Gamification

  • Human Resources Management (HRM)

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)


  • Personal Devices

  • Classroom Technology

  • Scientific and Laboratory Equipment



Case Studies

Case Study:

Competitive Landscape of K-12 Formative Assessment Analytics Platforms in the US

Case Study:

Prioritizing Locations for a US University's International Expansion

Case Study:

Identifying Adjacent Opportunities for Workforce Assessments in Emerging Markets


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