Client Context

Our client, a Fortune 100 SaaS company, recognized the potential for growth in emerging economies but acknowledged the need to understand the unique preferences and behaviors of creative professionals and marketers in those regions. Traditionally focused on North America and Europe, they sought to expand their marketing and sales efforts into four key countries: China, India, Brazil, and Russia.

Our Approach

We conducted a comprehensive study of the market landscape and opportunities for creative professionals (C-Pros) and marketers.

Phase A: We explored the market structure, regulations, educational landscape, and potential for C-Pros and marketers at the country level
Phase B: We analyzed the specific needs, software usage, and purchasing behavior of C-Pros and marketers, segmenting the data based on different C-Pro segments. This involved conducting interviews with industry experts and C-Pros, along with a quantitative survey of approximately 500 respondents per country.


Our client strategically targeted the most promising market segments in BRIC countries. The data on consumer workflows, software usage, and satisfaction benchmarks enabled them to enhance their products to better meet local preferences.

Additionally, the country-level marketing teams utilized the insights on purchase behavior and barriers to adoption to craft personalized campaigns. This approach resulted in increased market penetration and expanded reach in emerging economies, positioning our client for further growth and success in these promising markets.

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