Our Law Firms and Legal Services experience and capabilities span:

  • Corporate Law Firms
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Legal Education
  • Legal Technology

We work for and study leading global Law Firms and Legal Services players and the companies that supply technology, products and services into this space

Our clients are looking for very specific market intelligence to gain an edge in the dynamic Law Firms and Legal Services space. Some examples of recent intelligence topics include:

Who are the major and emerging players in the legal process outsourcing market in India? What are their relative strengths and weaknesses, price points, deal structures and existing customers in the US, Europe, and APAC?
What is the market size for a combined eDiscovery software and document and content management platform product in the US?
What SOPs and systems have in-house legal counsels at competitor companies set up to defend their companies from accusations of patent, trademark, and copyright infringement?
What is our competitors headcount by practice area and staff type across taxation, real estate, litigation, bankruptcy, labor/employment, corporate and how is it changing quarter to quarter?

Case Study: Emerging Players in the Legal Process Outsourcing Market in India and the Philippines

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